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Sokownin's Taekwon Do

Classes are being held at Monster
Fitness in Pincher Creek at
1373 Hunter Street.
Call for information (403) 330-4744



Taekwon Do was founded by General Choi Hong Hi in 1955 and was ultimately used by the Korean military forces. Tae- meaning foot, Kwon- meaning fist, and Do- meaning art, it is a Korean martial art that was used for self defence in a morally corrupt, materialistic and selfish society, as well as violent times when people felt they needed to protect themselves.

General Choi Hong Hi had previously acquired a black belt in Japanese Karate, but as he began teaching Karate to his soldiers, he decided to develop a martial art native to his own country, Korea, that would be superior in both spirit and technique to Japanese Karate. On April 11, 1955, Taekwon Do became the new martial art for Korea, with its own fundamental theories and principals that are completely different from any other martial art in the world.

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